Maccabee Queen Cast

We are pleased to announce the cast for the Maccabee Queen’s premiere full production:

Lauri Donahue:     Playwright, Producer, Director
Andrea Katz:         Serakh, Rachel
Ann B Young:        Antigonus, 2nd General
Barry Leff:             Simeon
Danit Stemmer:    Alexandra, Assistant Director
David Golinkin:     Aristobulos
Ezra Abbey:          Absalom, boy
Mordy Kehat:       Mattathias, Ananias
Katherine Leff:    Lavinia
Nachman Rosenberg:     Johanan, Josephus
Neil Kummer:     Eleazar
Neil Turetsky:    Lutetius
Ruth Sager:         Mariamne, Cleopatra
Yedidya Fraiman:          Alexander

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